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Some of Us Notecards, LLC

Some of Us Notecards was founded in 2022 to support the intersection of joyful images and connecting through note writing as natural respites. Inspired by the natural landscape of Martha's Vineyard, a love of literature, and an interest in images that nurture mental wellness, Some of Us Notecards thoughtfully partners with organizations, bookstores, independent retail shops, charities and -- of course -- individuals who share a vision of earth-friendly, feel good, woman-centered, child-affirming, and humanity-uplifting products.  


In our first twelve months we have sold over 20,000 cards in eight states representing both retail and wholesale markets, donated over 200 cards, bookmarks and books, and -- we hope -- added smiles to more faces than we could have dreamed of just one year ago.  

Some of Us Notecards are available here and in retail locations in New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Washington state, Florida, Massachusetts, and across the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. 

Local and loving it ❤️ 

As a small, local business, we seek to lovingly customize and personalize our cards, hand assembling each one. We do not work with large scale distributors. We select printers and other business partners that are community- centered, family-centered, and often local. We LOVE to do business in person (and even show up bearing coffee 😊)




We are a woman-owned and Black owned business committed to images that uplift women from all walks of life. We are always unapologetically allied with the LGBT community. We seek to advance easy access to beautiful, diverse cards images. We strive to make cards that evoke feelings of joy!


We are committed to partnering with small organizations with aspirations to make a big difference, especially those that service the needs of incarcerated women and the mental health needs of women and girls.

Mental health centered

Supporting the emotional wellness of women and girls in theory and in practice is a core part of our ongoing mission.

Environmentally Responsive

We believe we are responsible for the sustenance of our planet. To this end, we source responsibly and, when possible, use materials that are planet-friendly and recyclable.

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